Storyboard Scene Development – Cut Jasmine

Here’s a quick demonstration of a short scene development for storyboarding.Storyboard development process

  1. Schematic with camera placement and scene design,
  2. Draft boards,
  3. Final boards.

First board: Start on wide shot with Xiang finding Kulya injured in the foreground, behind a bush. Xiang calls out to Liling washing clothes across the stream.

Second board: Maintain shot as Liling crosses the stream and kneels down by Kulya on the ground.

Third board: POV of Xiang looking down at Liling tending to Kulya.

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Storyboarding Process: From Development To Final Boards – Parent’s Apartment Scene

Storyboard development processStoryboarding process through story development; collaboration between the writer, director, and storyboard artist; and technical and artistic skills.

  1. Initial interpretation
  2. Reblock scene after discussion
  3. Refine characters
  4. Add base colors
  5. Finish up with final details

The process varies from project to project, depending on client’s workflow and budget.

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Storyboarding With The Rule of Thirds: Blessed Are The Meek, Scene 2

Client-to-final storyboard comparison-Blessed Are The Meek-2.4-2.5-2.7Storyboarding with the rule of thirds and client’s initial sketches versus final storyboards.

Rule of thirds:

  • Board composition is designed to meet the rule of thirds.

Sketches versus final boards comparison. Final boards are drawn to

  • help clarify director’s vision,
  • ensure proper perspective, frame blocking and camera angle to assist with shooting production,
  • serve as important tool to communicate with the crew.

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