Storyboard Artist. Painter. Illustrator.

Working with Cuong Huynh was a dream. He is an incredibly talented artist and he went above and beyond what I asked for. He also gave me the most clear and concise instructions on how to best work remotely with him, and he delivered everything before the deadline. SO happy to have found him, and I would not hesitate to hire him again!

Grace Rowe

Cuong is an artist. Like an actor or DP, you want collaborators who see what you are trying to achieve as a filmmaker, who then add to your overall creative vision in the process. Cuong does just that. It’s been a total delight working with Cuong and watching his frames come in, and I truly hope to work with him again in the near future.

Hoyt Frazier Dwyer

Working with Cuong was great. Even considering my over-the-weekend deadline, he was pleasant to work with, full of ideas, incredibly precise, and best of all, fast! The only problem I had was pronouncing his name right – even then Cuong cut me slack! A pleasure start to finish.

Randy Argue

Absolutely loved his work. He worked with my reference images and created exactly what I was envisioning… I absolutely love them!

Karolyn Szot

Besides being talented, efficient, and collaborative, Cuong is also a pleasure to work with. He takes the client’s vision and expounds on it with his superb eye for detail until each storyboard is just right. I have Cuong on speed dial for all my storyboard and visual needs.

Michael (Fred) Frederick

I woke up to my project being DELIVERED on TIME! And it was INCREDIBLE! BEYOND all expectations! The attention to detail, the care, heart and soul this artist has along with BUSINESS sense is BEYOND. I can’t wait to hit a HOME RUN on our project with this added to the presentation!

Goldy Locks
Singer-songwriter, Goldy Locks Band

Great job, they look really good. Again, I really appreciate you being so responsive and easy to work with. Thanks for the quick turn around as well.

Tim Patton

Most excellent work! Communication by this artist was first rate.. I am a professional myself and this artist went above and beyond the call of duty!

Mick Kollins
These storyboards are wonderful. Thank you for working with us on this project. We really appreciate your speediness!
Ginny Kramer

We needed storyboards in a very tight timeframe. Very happy with the communication and delivery of this project.

James Dunlop

Ahhhh!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! [The boards] are wonderful!!! I will have to hire you to do my next script!

Rebecca Murga

My storyboard inspiration and style embrace strong influence from the comics and pop art, most notably the classic super heroes works by Jack Kirby plus a number of unique European comics drawn by Peyo (Smurph or Schtroumpf in French, Johan and Peewit or Johan et Pirlouit in French), by Hergé (Tintin), by Morris (Lucky Luke), and most definitely by Albert Uderzo (Astérix and Tanguy et Laverdure), all of which helped shape my drawing style since childhood. During these early days, I was soaking up all these wonderful and beautiful art styles while at the same time studying and training in the classic techniques in drawing, shading, perspective, color, and composition.

With a combination of classical art training, a huge amount of hard work and extreme discipline, plus self-taught techniques and self-refined processes, I’ve developed my storyboarding style to help clients tell their stories using a wide range of human expressions, dynamic action, and bold and impactful use of colors, drawn in a tight and detailed composition for each frame.

I work on-site or remotely across the world using the latest communication technologies. Either way, a client always receives the best storyboards that I can produce, with professionalism and efficiency.

My storyboard capabilities add a lot to your film project:

  1. Quality: I take great pride and give detailed attention to each board I produce.
  2. Professionalism: My boards help you shoot better. I always strive to understand your intent/goal before starting. Storyboarding is not just for creativity’s sake. It must also help the project meet established business goals as well.
  3. Delivery: I deliver on time. Period.
  4. Responsiveness: I keep you informed and in the loop at all times. I’m on California time, but my process allows me to support your project in any time zone. Regardless, your urgency is my urgency.
  5. Price: I will work with any budget, and you will always get great work from me.

I’m ready to take on your next storyboard project

My Storyboarding Process Ensures Quality Boards Done Within Budget and On Schedule. 

1. Understanding Requirements

I examine your script, character and location references, then discuss all important aspects of your creative vision. A shot list is generated to serve as requirement and tracking device.

2. Creating Storyboard Drafts

I send board drafts for your review to ensure correct frame blocking, shot type, camera movement and in-frame action. Online tools facilitate annotations and comments directly on the boards with real-time notifications.

3. Reviewing Feedback and Improvements

I evaluate and discuss your feedback to ensure all concerns are met, changes are incorporated, and alternate solutions are explored to meet the project’s creative and technical goals.

4. Revising And Delivering Final Boards

I make changes as discussed, then process boards to format and quality level as required. Final boards will be delivered on-time and on-budget. Further revisions beyond final delivery are always available as an option.

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