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Cuong Huynh Storyboards
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Alien Visitor - Warmup Storyboard In Preparation For New Project
The Entrance Storyboard
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z-hr storyboard-7C
Shaolin kung fu monk-mountain journey
Knights Hospitaller on Malta-2v2
Opening Sequence For Strategic Game Storyboards-11

I create storyboards for feature films, television commercials, music videos, or anything that needs to tell a story through visualization.

Below are more samples of my work.

A little info about me: I create storyboards to help clients tell their stories using a wide range of human expressions, dynamic action, and bold and impactful use of colors. I bring valuable and unique experience to film projects with a combination of

  • Classical art training,
  • A huge amount of hard work and extreme discipline,
  • Together with self-taught techniques and
  • Self-refined processes.

Stylistically, I adapt my storyboard frames to what the project needs, namely:

  • In tight and detailed, or loose and fast, composition,
  • In B&W or in full colors, or
  • A combination of these.

Generally project cost and production time depend on

  1. Your preferences,
  2. Project budget and
  3. Turnaround time.

Depending on your requirements, I will work on-site or remotely across the world using the latest communication technologies. With me on your team, you will always get the smoothest and painless experience, with efficiency and professional results.

A few words on determining cost of a project: If you’re just looking for standard rates, then generally standard rates don’t give you a true cost for your project. Because no two projects are exactly the same, a more accurate cost estimate should be based on the project’s actual and specific needs. A good starting point is to review a detailed brief of what you need done. Once I have a good understand of your requirements, I can then work up a quote for your film. Depending on how far you have developed your script, it’d be super helpful if your brief can include

  1. The script;
  2. Shot list of the scenes of interest (with number of boards needed and description of each board well defined);
  3. Some reference characters, environment or props;
  4. Sample boards indicating style/level of detail you prefer;
  5. Plus any other relevant and unique considerations.

If you need help with breaking down the script to a shot list then I can help with that as well. So that’s a little bit about me and what I do. I’m ready to tackle your pre-production/visualization challenges. To discuss how I can help, please reach out using the form below. I will reply promptly.

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