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Got a story to tell? I’ll storyboard it.

Hello, I’m a professional storyboard artist based in Southern CA.
I create storyboards for films and agencies nationwide.

Looking to bring your scripts to life with engaging storyboards?

How about developing visuals for your film, television, advertising projects? Or maybe for your lookbooks, proposals, and pitch decks?

Yes I do all that, and more.

Such as script breakdown, shot list creation, character design, scene schematic, background design, camera and movement diagrams.

Below are samples of my work showcasing a wide range of storyboard projects and clients. Since no two projects are exactly the same, my storyboard service is designed to meet varying project requirements, ranging from rough sketches to intricate and detailed conceptuals, to character and production design, to scene and action sequences.

Send me your requirements and I’ll work up a proposal for storyboards that will meet your needs and budget. 

Let’s collaborate! Get in touch here.


I work closely with you to create storyboards in the style that works for you, that meets your business goals, that enhances your shooting style, all while staying within your budget.

You have no risks working with me:

  • I’ve never missed my promised delivery date,

  • I get your vision quickly and produce top-notch results,

  • I always deliver more than promised,

  • My review process saves you huge amount of time,

  • I provide consultation and script breakdown if needed.

My storyboards will help you:

  • Visualize your story quickly at the lowest cost possible,

  • Communicate your visions clearly and easily to your crew,

  • Save money and time during production,

  • Improve your production design process,

  • Pitch your project using dynamic and professionally done visuals.

From line drawings…

To black and white tone…

To boards in full color.

All storyboards are done with industry-standard frame blocking, clear and dynamic in-frame action, with emotional and creative impact that truly reflect your vision.

Between your screenplay and my professionally done storyboards, you can quickly show exactly what your vision is and everyone will immediately get it.

No guesswork.
No confusing and time-consuming explanation.
No “imagine” this or that.

I love working with filmmakers and I’d love to work on your project.

Send me your screenplay, detailed brief or requirements, and I’ll create storyboards that will meet your schedule and budget.

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