Let’s talk storyboard.
Metropolis standoff 3

Here’s a project I’ve worked on a few years back. It was for a TV pilot but unfortunately did not materialize. Working in entertainment is tough, and this project typified one, even when you have an interesting script and good team.

Why was this project important to me? For several reasons.

  1. It required good storyboarding skills. Not just drawing technique, but also script interpretation. I worked from a script with a director/writer who was very generous to allow me to help him develop the look and feel of the story, characters and environment.
  2. The art together with many other elements of the project had to be good enough to be presented as part of a pitch. Pressure was on, but the director/writer loved the work and approved them all with not much change.

I did all drawings with classic pencil on paper, then enhanced in Photoshop in monochrome.


Written by Lawrence Dobson & Gerhard Schwarz
Marullus Productions

Storyboards by Cuong Huynh
Pencil on paper, enhanced in Photoshop.

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