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Cuong Huynh Storyboards

Hello, I’m a professional storyboard artist.
I’m based in Southern CA, and I do storyboards for film projects nationwide.

I specialize in creating detailed and engaging storyboards for film, television, and advertising projects, also for lookbooks, proposals and pitch decks. My ability to bring a script to life through visually stunning storyboards helps directors and producers bring their visions to reality.

Whether you’re in need of storyboards for a feature film, commercial, or television pilot, I have the skills and experience to help visualize your written words. Let’s collaborate!

Below are storyboard highlights showcasing a wide range of projects and clients. I hope you enjoy checking them out.

Would love to learn how I can help storyboard your project. Get in touch.

Cuong Huynh Storyboards
Jack Ryan-Follow The Money storyboards-8
Alien Visitor - Warmup Storyboard In Preparation For New Project
The Entrance Storyboard
Cinderella Cop-scene-18A
Opening Sequence For Strategic Game Storyboards-10
H feature film storyboards-3
SL Storyboards-3
TBB storyboards-16
HP storyboard portfolio-59B4
H feature film storyboards-5
z-hr storyboard-7A
z-hr storyboard-7C
Shaolin kung fu monk-mountain journey
Knights Hospitaller on Malta-2v2
Opening Sequence For Strategic Game Storyboards-11

Professional storyboard artist you can count on.

You get boards done right.
You get boards done efficiently and on time.

Send me your brief.

We discuss your requirements.

And I start drawing and delivering your boards.

If you need shot list created, then I can do that too.

Let me help visualize your script/screenplay and bring it to life.
From quick sketches – to B&W tonal (grayscale) boards – to boards in full color.

Here’s my typical process utilized in numerous successfully projects.

Step 1. I examine your script, character and location references, then discuss important aspects of both your creative and business vision. A shot list is generated to serve as requirement and tracking device.

You can provide the shot list, or I can break it down for you. Then I start drafting up boards.

Step 2. I send the drafts for your review to ensure correct frame blocking, shot type, camera movement and in-frame action.

Online tools facilitate annotations and comments directly on the boards with real-time notifications.

Of course we can hop on the phone or use various online collaboration/screen sharing tools to ensure clear and efficient communication.

Step 3. I evaluate and discuss your feedback to ensure all concerns are met.
Alternate solutions are explored to meet the project’s creative and technical goals.

Step 4. I make changes as discussed, then process boards for delivery. I will be available to make any further revisions and additions as needed.

For director’s or production boards, we can skip a lot of these steps and I can produce quickly drawn boards that help convey your visions to shoot the scenes as you need them.

I can do just the sequences you want. Or I can board the whole film, shot by shot.

You receive professionally produced storyboards that show clear and dynamic in-frame action, with emotional and creative impact that truly reflect your vision.

Ready to get started?

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